The iPad & co. mean business

The digital revolution of the past two decades, jump started by the arrival of the internet, has had an undeniably substantial impact on the way business is conducted around the world; In many cases it’s changed it entirely, while in others obliterated it as a whole. But even before the […]

Which tablets are in which classrooms?

We recently wrote a blog post about the BYOD trend, that is hitting schools all over the globe, with governments and local authorities noting its benefits. Rather than tablets being locked away at home, students are being encouraged to bring their own device into the classroom. For publishers, this means […]

Cunard Case Study

With over 10,000 app downloads to date as well as a high 51% opt-in registration rate the Cunard app has been phenomenally successful and they will will soon expand the from brochure to include its quarterly  Cunarder magazine.  This will allow Cunard to directly link all relevant content on its website and […]

YUDU Premier Publishing Platform

YUDU’s Premier Publishing Platform: Cloud Publishing to Apps and the Web – Taking the complexity out of publishing to multiple platforms      1. Upload your assets: magazines, brochures, books, catalogs, videos.     2. Enhance with YUDU Premier Tools: enhance your publications with videos, html 5, audio and image galleries.   […]

The New iPad and Retina Display Reading

  Purchase Cialis Online uk Yesterday, as expected in San Francisco, Apple unveiled the heavily rumoured iPad 3 (and called it the new iPad just to confuse us when technical blogging)! With this device, Apple have massively increased the resolution of the device to quadruple its predecessors (double the resolution […]