New ELT textbook app live in App Store

Recently, we announced that we would be working with Garnet Education on an app to allow instant delivery of their ELT textbooks to classrooms anywhere in the world. For years, Garnet Education’s ELT line has been the preferred choice of universities and English language institutions in the Arab world. In […]

Back from The London Book Fair

The YUDU team are back from The London Book Fair – what a great show! A few of us are sounding a little bit croaky after 3 days of non-stop talking, but despite the sore throats, we are really pleased with the enthusiasm from our clients and potential clients about […]

Digital Publishing: Distributor Relationships in ELT

Digital content aggregators like and iBooks have transformed the way readers access material with one-stop content sites. While this business model works for some publishers who focus on the general consumer market, the shift to aggregation sites can have negative consequences for publishers who serve the education sector, particularly […]

Digital textbooks become US government policy?

The Obama administration clearly believes digital is the future of publishing for schools: Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski on Wednesday challenged schools and companies to get digital textbooks in students’ hands within five years. Full story here. Although naturally the statement didn’t back a […]

The Sock who wanted to be a Shoe – and other winning stories!

You may remember that about a year ago we blogged about the adorable stories produced by pupils at M.W.Savege Elementary in Minnesota. Gems like How the Turtle Got Their Shells and How Jellyfish got their Stingers really put a smile on our faces! So we were delighted to see that a whole new library of children’s stories have been published, and this time they are extra special as they are all winning stories in the PBS Kids Go Writers Contest.