New ELT textbook app live in App Store

Recently, we announced that we would be working with Garnet Education on an app to allow instant delivery of their ELT textbooks to classrooms anywhere in the world. For years, Garnet Education’s ELT line has been the preferred choice of universities and English language institutions in the Arab world. In […]

Case study: Digital Success of Dutch Printer

With a history of well over 130 years, Senefelder are a leading specialist in the field of cross-media and one of Holland’s best-established printers. Catering to companies across the entire publishing chain, they work alongside publishers, government, B2C magazines, profit/non-profit organizations; offering a portfolio of print and design services. Jean […]

The iOS7 software update [REVIEW]

The iOS7 software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners is the biggest for some time, and heralds a shift in focus from Apple. iOS7 is largely a ground-up redesign, based on integrating software design and hardware design. The new iOS7 incorporates new special effects, such as parallax, giving […]