Service Launched for Publishers to Avoid Apple Cut

Today marks the launch of a new service offered by YUDU, which helps publishers avoid Apple’s 30% commission charges whilst remaining in-line with their rules and regulations. The new dual subscription system will offer iPad users the option to subscribe to their favourite titles directly from the publisher’s website. This […]

Three Apps are Better Than One

Rapid Media has expanded its App portfolio so that each one of its titles have their own branded App.

Once housed collectively in the jam packed Rapid Media App, Canoeroots, Rapid and Adventure Kayak now proudly stand alone on the App Store, each with their very own branded App.

Happy Birthday Jane Austen

One if Britain’s most treasured and famous authors, Jane Austen was born 235 years ago today.

Why not celebrate this cherished author by having a good read of her classic novels, stories which have surpassed their late eighteenth and early nineteenth settings remaining significant and revered to this day.

Write a 100 Word Story and win £5000 through the Reader's Digest Exclusives App

Reader’s Digests new app: Reader’s Digest Exclusive is a selection of treats from the nations favourite and magazine, featuring a wide range of subjects such as gardening, saving money, food and literature!

The first edition is Reader’s Digests 100 word story competition. Write a story in exactly 100 words – not 99 or 101 no, exactly 100 and if your story takes the judges fancy you could win £5000! Think how many pencils that could buy you to pen your next masterpiece. What are you waiting for, download the app and start writing.