InPublishing Magazine App

With so many YUDU apps going live daily we like to keep you posted on some of the most interesting and relevant, today I’d like to bring your attention to InPublishing Magazine. InPublishing magazine is a free alternate monthly magazine, written for senior executive in the newspaper, magazine and online […]

A Quick Guide to YUDU Apps: the video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. we’ve gone one better  We’ve created this short video to guide you though the features of our apps, available on iOS and Android. We’re constantly striving to do develop new products and features in order to provide the the very best for our […]

Microsoft Surface – YUDU reaction

This week’s unveiling of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, whilst not earth-shattering, still had the strength to rattle the laptops in YUDU’s office. This is a big strategic move for Microsoft Corp, who are not only staking a claim to the fast-growing tablet market but, by releasing an own-brand piece of hardware […]