New technology partnership signs Screwfix Germany as first client

In August 2015, YUDU and ATTRAQT  announced its technology partnership, to develop ‘Live Catalog’, a groundbreaking joint service offering using ATTRAQT’s visual merchandising platform and YUDU’s digital catalogue technology.

We are now very pleased to announce that Screwfix Germany has signed as the first joint client of ‘Live Catalog’. The new app was successfully launched on 10 November 2015.

Working with YUDU’s technology, which converts printed product catalogues into a mobile digital catalogue app, ATTRAQT’s visual merchandising technology enables Screwfix Germany to enhance its eCommerce offering through the new ‘Live Catalog’ app. ‘Live Catalog’ allows Screwfix Germany to insert real-time visual merchandising techniques into their app, such as personalised promotions and special offers, with the aim of improving sales conversion and enhancing the user experience. Please see screenshots here:

Screwfix, a leading multi-channel retailer of trade tools, hardware, DIY supplies, plumbing and electrical essentials, expanded into Germany in September 2014. Screwfix Germany now has eight stores and a dedicated German website,, where customers can shop across a range of more than 10,000 products.

André Brown, CEO of ATTRAQT Group plc, commented:

“Following the launch of Live Catalog we are pleased to have signed Screwfix Germany, the partnership’s first joint client. Through the integration of ATTRAQT and YUDU technologies, ‘Live Catalog’ enables retailers to add real-time visual merchandising techniques and other rapidly changing content to their digital catalogues. The retailer is able to respond immediately to changing trends or stock levels, while also creating deeper customer engagement through effective personalisation and offers. We believe this partnership presents a valuable opportunity for ATTRAQT and we look forward to engaging with more of our joint clients on the potential of ‘Live Catalog’.” 

Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU, added:

“Through our partnership with ATTRAQT we are able to provide additional solutions and functionality to our clients and I am delighted that Screwfix Germany has chosen to be the first to employ the ‘Live Catalog’ app.”

If you would like to explore how ‘Live Catalog’ can transform your digital catalogues, get in touch with us today.


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