Emergency Communications App Improves Corporate Resilience

12-stepsToday is a very exciting day for YUDU!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge Emergency Communications App, which aims to improve corporate resilience by delivering visibility on staff safety and limiting the duration and impact caused by a serious incident.

Developed with the help of Business Continuity professionals and designed to complement business continuity plans, the app provides an independent communication channel between the incident management team and employees, for the delivery of vital instructions, messages, status reporting and two-way communications, when all other communication channels are inoperable.

Mass notifications are sent down 3 channels simultaneously; the app’s message board, SMS and email, alerting employees to an emergency. Staff are prompted to confirm their status such as at home, safe, or at-risk, by touch buttons in the app. The responses are instantly displayed in the Incident Control Dashboard, where at-risk or untracked staff are clearly highlighted.

The app provides a secure environment for employees to access the company contact book and critical documents and procedures offline, when both online and phone connections are unavailable. Documents can be set to be visible to specific groups of staff only.

Available for deployment in under 6 weeks, the YUDU Emergency Communications App gives employers the power to communicate to staff in the event of a failure of systems, ensuring employee safety and mitigating the negative impact of an incident, with the immediate delivery of critical communications.

Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU commented “We are grateful to the business continuity community who have helped us develop this great emergency communication solution, which I expect will make management of incidents hugely more effective and keep staff safer.”

For further detail, visit the Emergency Communications webpage here: http://www.yudu.com/ services/emergency_communications

The Emergency Communications App presentation can be accessed here: Emergency Comms Presentation

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