AMT Training go mobile with YUDU


AMT are global experts in financial training, supporting their clients by delivering tailored learning and equipping employees with the skills and tools they require for success across financial markets and related sectors.

Each year AMT teaches thousands of finance professionals at various stages in their careers. One of their most popular learning resources is a series of publications called “Crunch The Numbers”. Developed using the wealth of experience from AMT’s instructor team, they are highly regarded as must-have reference books for key financial topics.


AMT have invested heavily in a blended learning approach, utilizing technology to enhance all aspects of their training. AMT required a reliable service that would enable customers to purchase content directly on a number of platforms, whilst allowing users to personalize their learning materials.

With YUDU’s support, AMT were able to design a beautiful and easy to use application. AMT’s customers can download the app, make a purchase and start reading within minutes. Critically, professionals can make notes and highlight specific content within the books, which are then synchronized across their devices. The ability to do so supports the blended learning approach and allows readers to easily access their personalized learning materials at any time, from any device.

Due to the success of partnering with YUDU, AMT are planning to bring more publications to the platform and further explore the integrated media capabilities it can offer.

To see how YUDU can help put mobile and blended learning at the forefront of your training, click here.

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