Are you measuring the effectiveness of your travel brochures?


Travel brochures are key in both the marketing and booking process. You spend lots of time and energy on your brochures – wouldn’t it be bonkers to not clearly measure their effectiveness?

A recent post explored ‘5 reasons why a digital brochure will help you secure more bookings’. Now we’d like to share with you 5 tips on how to best market your brochure and most importantly, measure its effectiveness.

Be social.

Join the masses and share your brochures with the world – post, tweet and shout about how great your holidays are.

Find your crowd.

Measure engagement with all your social media channels and invest more time in those that prove most popular.

Pick a popular destination.

Discover which destinations are receiving the most traffic and increase the drive behind them by sharing individual pages within your brochure.

Meet new people.

Allow travellers to share certain pages and destinations with their peers online, driving more traffic to your brochures.

Keep in touch.

Collect email addresses from prospective customers and use this prized data to target them with tailored campaigns.

To learn more about the features and benefits of digital travel brochures, click here.

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