Secure more bookings with a digital travel brochure


The travel market is very competitive. The internet introduced a new and unfamiliar playing field, which accelerated the competition between digital and physical retail travel agents – this changed the traditional method of not only how holidays are booked, but the way customers browse the destinations available, too.

Subsequently, travel providers have had to adapt and evolve very quickly. Venturing into unknown territories can be somewhat daunting, however by following a few simple steps, it can prove to be extremely lucrative.

Here are 5 reasons why a digital brochure will help you secure more bookings:

Be in the right place, at the right time.

Today’s holiday shoppers have much wider expectations. Only a handful remain completely loyal to booking in retail stores – the remainder prefer to browse online. However, ‘online’ is quite a broad term – this covers the web, tablets and smartphones – both in-browser and in-app. To be at the forefront of every opportunity, it’s imperative that you give customers the flexibility to access your brochure anywhere, at anytime.

Sell an experience, not a product.

Holidays are exciting. Whether your customer is looking at a caravan tour of Britain or going on an African safari, their senses will be stimulated and imagination running wild. Build on this by creating a seductive browsing environment with rich multimedia – include videos capturing hotels at their best and play the sounds of the destinations they are looking at. Create an idyllic booking atmosphere and be the one who excites them. 

Capture last-minute travellers with real-time offers.

Booking last-minute is a common occurrence. Often, the best deals to be had are those that are snapped up close to the departure date, when travel companies are busy trying to fill up those last few seats. Cater for spontaneous travellers by incorporating real-time ‘Latest Offers’ within your app – increasing engagement and sales.

Drive on-the-spot sales with one click booking.

After the excitement of browsing through your brochure and carefully deciding on one destination from a multitude of choices, it’s paramount that booking a holiday with you is just as fun and easy. Streamline the booking process and seamlessly integrate your website with the click of a button.

Talk to your customers.

When booking a holiday, the relationship with your customer is only just beginning. You are the experts – be the one they turn to, keep them engaged with the app and earn their loyalty by featuring fresh and relevant content on destination tips and trends. Getting it right the first time can earn you a lifetime of trust and future bookings.

To learn more about the features and benefits of digital travel brochures, click here.

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