Announcing a new, groundbreaking partnership between YUDU Media and ATTRAQT

Here at YUDU, we have always believed that digital catalogs should create a seductive, personalized shopping experience. Another software developer that shares the same ambitions for the future of digital catalogs is ATTRAQT, a leading provider of eCommerce visual merchandising, site search and recommendation technology.

Today, we are extremely excited to announce a new and exciting partnership between YUDU and ATTRAQT, working together to develop ‘Live Catalog’, a unique joint service to transform the merchandising capabilities for retailers’ digital catalogs.

ATTRAQT’s Freestyle Merchandising (FSM) platform enables retailers to enhance their eCommerce platforms by allowing instant customisation of how products are displayed in response to current trends and user behaviour. Working with YUDU’s technology, which converts printed product catalogs into a mobile digital catalog app – Live Catalog allows retailers for the first time to insert real-time visual merchandising techniques into their branded app, such as personalised promotions and special offers. Sitting within each individual retailers catalogue app, this new, groundbreaking ‘latest offers’ feature allows shoppers to snap up new and exciting offers in real-time, whilst the faster rotation of content encourages users to check the app regularly and consequently increasing customer engagement and sales.

Following on from a successful proof of concept phase, Live Catalog will be rolled out to YUDU’s clients shortly.

Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU commented:

“We are pleased to be working with ATTRAQT to develop this joint service offering for our customers. The ATTRAQT technology means that YUDU’s apps can now bring retailer catalogs to life with current, personalised offers and content tailored to the user. We have been able to produce great results for our clients, improving sales conversion and enhancing the user experience and look forward to working with the ATTRAQT team going forward.”

Similarly, the new service will be available to ATTRAQT’s existing customers, who will be able to add the FSM technology used on their retail websites into a YUDU digital catalog app.

André Brown, CEO of ATTRAQT Group plc, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with YUDU to create Live Catalog, a new service offering for our customers. Combining ATTRAQT’s Freestyle Merchandising platform and YUDU’s digital catalog technology will allow our customers to seamlessly incorporate the same visual merchandising that they use on their eCommerce sites into a mobile app. YUDU currently have over 220 retail clients who will now have the option to use ATTRAQT’s technology to enhance their merchandising. We believe the partnership could be a very valuable opportunity for our business and have been delighted by the internal feedback we’ve had from the proof of concept.”

To find out more, read the Live Catalog white paper here – Live Catalog white paper.

To discuss digital catalogs in more detail with the experienced YUDU team, please get in touch today.

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