YUDU and Screwfix nail it with mobile catalogue app

Getting a good ROI is top of most retailers requirements when looking at deploying new software. This week, YUDU and Screwfix have announced great results from their joint venture, the Screwfix app. Over 500,000 people have downloaded the app; equating to approximately 1 in 10 of Screwfix’s customers, and sales conversion rates from the app on their website, are significantly higher than that of direct traffic.

Chris Chapman, Marketing Manager at Screwfix says: “The reason our customers download the app is because they are engaged. The app not only increases sales, but encourages shoppers to enjoy the benefits of a multi-channel shopping experience. The catalogue app makes shopping easier and faster for our customers all over the world”.

The catalogue app mirrors the increasing trend for customers to use their mobile devices to shop, with Screwfix’s website already receiving 450,000 unique visitors per week from smartphones and tablets. The catalogue app supports the move toward mobile by enabling Screwfix customers to engage with its products from any location using their own device, and to take advantage of the popular click and collect service from local stores.

Richard Stephenson, CEO at YUDU commented: “We are delighted that the Screwfix catalogue app has received 500,000 downloads. The digital catalogue is producing great results with a sales conversion rate of 6.9%, nearly twice that of direct web traffic. Its success is the result of close cooperation between the teams at Screwfix and YUDU to refine the user experience.”

Email marketing@yudu.com, for more information on developing your own mobile catalogue app.

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