Indulge your imagination with YUDU’s new Magazine Apps video

The days of debating whether or not to offer digital alongside your print magazine are over. The answer is yes, of course you should. The question now is, how to make your digital magazine bigger and better? A simple replica of your print edition is just not going to cut the mustard, compared to that of your bright, shiny, interactive competitors.

YUDU not only provide the tools to create your digital magazine for delivery on mobile devices, using dynamic apps and HTML5 editions – we strive to share with you our creative knowledge and expertise, to inspire you to create content your readers will really want to engage with – a digital magazine that will bring you loyal online followers and, most importantly, subscribers.

Watch the short video below to see just a few of the features, from rich-media to HTML5 interactivity, that are available to you and how, with a little imagination, you can bring your brand to life.

To discuss digital magazines with the experienced YUDU team, please get in touch today.

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