FIFA’s Code of Ethics: A good delivery, but just missed the mark.

With rules and laws ever-changing, it can be difficult to ensure that all employees have access to the latest company guidelines and compliance materials.

By publishing corporate communication materials digitally, you can create and amend important documents quickly and easily, all by simply uploading a PDF. Distribution is fast and convenient – just one link can be sent company wide at the click of a button, cutting out the age-old method of manually delivering bounds of paper into pigeon holes, or sending new chapters via email with the hope that the expired copy will be will be replaced accordingly.

One such company to adopt this method of delivery is FIFA. Using YUDU, they were able to digitally publish and distribute the ‘FIFA Code of Ethics’. Despite being a stellar example of how online editions ensure fast and safe delivery of key documents, recent events would suggest that there is work still to be done in ensuring employees, or indeed employers, actually read and adhere to them…

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