The importance of API integration in monetizing digital magazines

What’s an API?

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) facilitate communication between different pieces of software, in layman’s terms, they are what allow different software to “talk” to each other. If you’re looking for relatable examples, then think of Twitter.

Twitter’s API allows web developers to receive updates on tweets and users at a very granular level. A simple illustration would be something like a news aggregator app “calling” the public statuses of official media twitter feeds.

In fact most web services you use are essentially a patchwork quilt linked together by their respective APIs.

Why is this relevant to magazine and digital publishers?

Most magazine publishers have a set of existing subscriber data held either in a database or through a third party fulfilment house. In both cases, they will require a digital publisher to either integrate with an API they provide (i.e. the fulfilment house), or in turn use the digital publisher’s API. Given the fact many larger publishers do in fact use a fulfillment house, this makes the ability to integrate with a fulfilment house’s API out of the box extremely important.

YUDU works with magazine publishers and their data in various ways. Mostly we store the end user credentials on our database and as customers download their apps, they authenticate against this. The API detects which data is stored in the database and allows certain users with the app to therefore automatically access their online editions.

An alternative route is for the end user data to remain in the publisher’s database. In this situation we need to be provided with a suitable authentication API and when a user logs into the app we check their credentials against that. In that case we do not hold a copy of the user’s details and some clients prefer this.

YUDU has existing integrations with a number of major fulfillment houses, including:

  • CDS Global
  • Quadrant Subscription Services
  • Strategic Fulfillment Group
  • Dovetail Services
  • Subscription Genius

Magazine publishers who work with these or any other fulfillment house with which we have an existing integration can have their apps connect to their existing subscriber base out of the box; for other fulfillment houses or for in-house system, setting up a new integration is a quick and simple process.

Using a secure API to manage both print and online subscriptions in one place is an effective way for magazine publishers to streamline the flow of their business.

To discuss digital magazines with the experienced YUDU team, please get in touch today.

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