Laithwaites Wine: A stellar example of how to make the digital catalogue work

The Laithwaites Wine journey began in 1969 with two assets – a passion for fine wine and a Ford van. Today, over 40 years on, Laithwaites Wine deliver to over 700,000 customers, maintaining the traditional method of ‘direct selling’ with specially chosen vineyards; and managing to keeping costs down, even as the company continues to expand.

As old ways of dealing with their suppliers remain strong, the buying habits of their customers have evolved, with the vast majority of purchases being made online and on mobile. With this in mind, Laithwaites, like many others, made the important decision to invest in their digital presence, and we were delighted when they chose YUDU as their digital catalog provider.

With their digital catalog now live, it’s not hard to see why it’s a stellar example of how to make digital work. Crisp, colourful, high-resolution images add life to the page and capture the reader’s attention.


Enhanced search tools enable customers to search and find what they are looking for instantly, with the option to then share that page with their contact list.


Having a digital catalog will save Laithwaites money on print and distribution costs. In addition to this, the seamless link between products in the catalog and their e-commerce site, using YUDU PageTiler technology, can lead to increased  average order values and revenue. Shoppers now have the ability to purchase on the spot – securing additional revenue from impulse buyers and window shoppers.


Following the success of their digital catalog, we are highly anticipating the arrival of their new app, which will be released in the near future…

As many people are now using app stores as discoverability tools, this in turn means catalog publishers and retailers need some sort of presence there. So, let’s put our wine enthused excitement to one side, explore the options available and explain the reasons for why investing in HTML5 editions and a catalog app, is a wise decision for any retailer.

Firstly, you could choose to build a bespoke e-commerce app from scratch. Although this theoretically makes the buying process quicker, with fewer clicks required to complete a purchase, the app build is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Not only that, it divides staff resources between maintaining both a comprehensive e-commerce app and an e-commerce site.

Alternatively, opt for a retail app. This allows you to exhibit products and automatically link these directly back to corresponding pages on an e-commerce site, which is much more cost-effective and ultimately increases the flow of traffic to a website.

View the latest Laithwaites Wine catalog, ‘Perfect Wines for Summer’ here –

YUDU are a provider of catalog apps which can fully integrate with your existing e-commerce site.

To help retailers gain a better understanding of digital catalogs and retail apps and the benefits they stand to gain, YUDU have built two webpages, tailored specifically to their needs, which can be accessed here; HTML5 catalogs | Retail Apps

If you would like further information on YUDU’s digital catalog solutions, contact us today on UK +44 (0) 870 760 9258 | US +1 888 367 9838 or email


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