Digital travel brochures sell an experience, not a product…

Digital publishing and travel brochures were made for each other. The nature of travel marketing means that it’s ideally suited to the endless enhancement capabilities made available with HTML5, video and audio. Travel companies also have a captive market – readers who are excited, imaginative and eager to be transported to a more visual, sensual world.

A holiday brochure is more than words and pictures on a page.

Both consumers and travel companies alike stand to benefit from moving content onto tablets, smartphones and the desktop. Detailed videos of hotels, major tourist sites and interactive features like maps give holidaymakers a better insight into the options on offer, raising excitement levels and ultimately their desire to buy – the convenient link between the brochure and booking site makes this an easy and seamless experience.

Alongside this, there are unparalleled data capture and analytics opportunities within a digital brochure environment, offering companies the ability to capture names and emails in a controlled environment and push out relevant, meaningful content to these newly segmented audiences. In a marketing-intensive industry like travel, this is all important.

Companies such Norwegian Cruise Lines, Friendship Travel and Explore! have all invested in digital editions of their publications and are already benefitting from a boost in traffic and sales, with the additional benefits of increased exposure on social media, whilst they continue to measure customer engagement, using these vital statistics to evolve their future marketing strategies.

To help travel companies gain a better insight into the options available to them and the benefits they stand to gain, we have built a webpage tailored specifically to their needs, which can be accessed here –

If you would like further information on YUDU’s digital travel solutions, contact us today on UK +44 (0) 870 760 9258 | US +1 888 367 9838 or email


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