Meet YUDU at the P2P Solutions Summit

The P2P Solutions Summit is the place for professionals who make, buy and sell print and print-related services to meet.

Over the past 10 years, YUDU has partnered with printers and brokers all over the globe, helping them to expand their print offering in an online world. Most of these companies realized early on that price shouldn’t be the only differentiator between one printer and another. It is smarter to create added value for customers in addition to the core business of printing, and this is where YUDU steps in.

YUDU’s partner program provides a range of publishing software products and services to companies interested in getting a comprehensive digital portfolio to leverage to their client base.

To find out more, You can find YUDU on the PBBA booth, from 31st March to 2nd April.

Click here to contact us, or call our Boston office on 617-444-8720.

Talk: Empowering brokers and printers in an online world

Les Csonge (co-founder of YUDU) will also be giving a presentation on April 1st at 3pm. To attend this talk, please email or show up on the day.

Les believes that print won’t disappear; it is here to stay. However, to move forward printers do need to change their core business strategy – and a YUDU partnership can support that, whilst adding value to existing clients. The talk will explore existing successful partnerships and give tips for brokers and printers looking to grow their businesses.

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