Publishing & Media Expo: Two key take-aways

We’re now finished with another excellent Publishing & Media Expo. An exciting show for all involved, we thought we’d distil some of the noise surrounding the event into two interesting take-aways that should be of interest to all.

1. Publishers investing heavily in video:

With Hearst’s announcement in December that they were going to invest $300 million in a teen video website – and Conde Naste starting to court YouTube stars, we’re also seeing an increasing focus on video off of the back of P&ME. Publishers have acknowledged the power of video as a stand-alone offering and are starting to think of ways in which smartphone usage in particular can be leveraged to take advantage of increasing video consumption on this platform.

 2. Questions about monetization:

With publishers increasingly adopting continuous publishing methods, in addition to existing edition-based methods – as well as everything in between, how exactly do they go about monetizing this less product-based content? It’s a question publishers are still grappling with.

These are questions we’ll be providing some interesting solutions to in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

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