Integrating Social Media into your app: A primer for magazine publishers


Social Media novices will first create short-content for one platform, such as Facebook, and then plaster replica versions across Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Those who class themselves as experts in the “art of social” can immediately spot this elementary mistake.

So what’s mistaken about it? Primarily, it betrays a lack of understanding of each platform – as we’re now well-aware from Facebook’s ad sales slump following its IPO, the mindset of customers is different when they’re on Linkedin to when they’re on Facebook; and to tweet without using a semi-trending hashtag is a cardinal sin.

In reality, even with all this knowledge, publishers globally are replicating their social media content across multiple platform. Why is that? Time. Time is our most precious commodity.

Whilst Marketing teams are crafting micro-content for the Web; production and editorial teams are curating articles for magazines. The content is indeed somewhat different but the ultimate audience is the same. We all know the difference between the type of content we read on the move, and how we might engage with articles on a Sunday afternoon at home. Publishers are busy making sure that those in both camps have their fair share to read.

By launching the Social Wall, YUDU wants to make life easier for publishers by giving them a hub which gives their readers access to their social content for whilst they’re on the move. Simultaneously it provides that all-important long form content which is found in magazines, and helps fulfill the need and demand for subscriptions.

As an industry we have been battling around issues of engagement for years. There are some notable success stories that should give everyone cause for celebration (most notably that of The Economist); but there are also, admittedly, some shocking statistics around how many apps are only downloaded the once. In one study from Digital Trends, a reported 16% of people will download any given app more than twice.

As an app developer, it’s our responsibility to challenge these reports. We know that readers, particularly “millennials” consume media for up to 18 hours a day, increasingly doing so on mobile devices and increasingly discovering such content through app stores.

Using a Social Wall, savvy publishers can capitalise on these trends by bringing reading habits together and making sure that apps stay relevant, not just at the weekend and for more indulgent reading time. Replicating Social Media updates for the Social Wall also gives added value to time already spent creating the content in the first place. And if time is our most precious commodity; we could look to guard this more carefully.


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