Mobile Devices & Corporate Training in 2015

Have you seen our new white paper outlining trends in the training industry?

After a lull during the recession, corporations are ramping up spending on training and focusing on mobile devices in the work place. Some office environments have been reshaped through schemes like “Bring Your Own Device ”, whilst others are still figuring out whether they want to deliver training modules onto multiple devices. The aim of the white paper is to support strategic planning in this area, by outlining and exploring trends.

Here is an extract:

The second way content consumption has been changed by mobile devices is in how they are accelerating the already existing trend of video consumption on the internet. “Mobile video” as it has been termed now accounts for 30% of all video consumption on the internet. To give some sense of scale as to the pace of change, this is an increase of 400% on 2012 figures – and this trend is only expected to increase in coming years.

By reading this white paper you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current corporate training climate in economic terms.
  • Understand LMS implementation.
  • Learn how to integrate mobile devices into your training plan to give your company a competitive edge.

Click here to download

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