Is your university prospectus competitive enough?

Universities all over the globe compete fiercely for student numbers. A prospectus, is not ‘just a prospectus’; the photos and information inside, are snapshots of how a young person will envisage the next 3-5 years of their life. It’s a big decision and the prospectus is the start of their journey.

There are over 150 universities in the UK alone, each striving for attention from overwhelming numbers of prospective students. Although some specialize in certain fields and will appeal to a niche subject-area, essentially the majority are offering the same courses and a similar campus life. How then, can you elevate your prospectus and increase enrolment numbers?

Here are 5 reasons why a digital prospectus from YUDU can help you compete in such a competitive market:

1. Benefit from full interactive features including audio and video.

Interact with students and enhance the experience of reading your prospectus by inserting interviews with past and current students and short video introductions of courses. You can also showcase campus life in action to encourage them to visualise being a student at your university.

Example: The University of Northampton have made great use of this feature, you can see how they have successfully enhanced their prospectus with video interviews here.

2. Get instant enquiries by adding call-to-action buttons throughout.

Example: Take a look at the Petroc prospectus here. There are introduction videos and each course description links directly to their website. Once on the website, students can get further information and apply instantly.

3. Learn more about the type of students looking at your prospectus.

Use a statistics package to collect data about prospective students as they browse. These include; overall number of page views, detail about specific pages viewed, duration of visit and a breakdown of views per country. The most valuable statistics however, are available for interactive content. This gives you an overview of how many live email and URL links are clicked, how many searches are performed, what pages are shared through social platforms, the amount videos watched and streamed and how many users place bookmarks and notes on the page. All of this knowledge can be used to shape your future prospectuses and influence your marketing plans by defining your target potential student.

4. Expand your horizons and reach students internationally.

By having your prospectus available online, you can reach more countries, increasing the number of students enrolling at your university and build an online community too.

Example: Middlesex University have dedicated an entire section of their prospectus for international students, which you can read here.

5. LinkedIn YOUniversity

In September 2013, LinkedIn lowered its minimum entry age requirement to 14. Then in Autumn 2014, the network introduced tools to help teenagers explore potential career paths and find schools to fit these specific interests. Take a look at the YOUniversity section on LinkedIn by following ‘Interests’ and then ‘Education’. By taking advantage of this innovative new feature, you could allow more prospective students worldwide to stumble across your university – wouldn’t it be advantageous to have your prospectus ready and waiting for them?

To learn more about how YUDU can help to take your prospectus online, email or call 0207 430 6616.


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