Unislim choose YUDU as their digital provider

Unislim, Ireland’s leading weight loss club, chose YUDU as their digital provider earlier in 2014. With over 40 years experience of helping people to lose weight, they required a mobile strategy for the considerable amount of helpful weight-loss books and magazines in their ever expanding repertoire.

Unislim approached YUDU with a very exciting plan containing three main requirements. Firstly, they asked for a container app for their e-Books and Magazines, to be made accessible from both tablet and mobile. Second on their wish list was a custom-built, dynamic “welcome page” to include social feeds. Finally, they needed to provide a way for existing and new subscribers to have access to already paid for content within the app.

All three objectives were achieved and with great results. YUDU were able to build branded Android and iOS apps for Unislim, into which they were able to publish their many magazines and cookbooks including Miss Feelgood, their premiere healthy lifestyle magazine for teenage girls. Their current subscribers have been provided with login credentials, so they can benefit from all the material contained within the app and the creative team here at YUDU, had a lot of fun building their bespoke welcome page, complete with latest news and social media feeds.

View the full Unislim case study here.
You can download the Unislim app for Android here and iOS here.
To learn more about how YUDU can help kick-start your digital journey, get in touch with us today.

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