Triumphant Tuesday for Team YUDU

For some, yesterday was nothing more than a regular Tuesday, but for Team YUDU, it was a day of three tremendous parts.

Beginning at the prestigious Queen’s Club for the ‘Beyond Christmas – Looking Ahead to 2015’ Direct Commerce event, our CEO, Richard Stephenson gave a very well-received talk: ‘window shopping on smartphones’. Covering everything from mobile optimized websites, to HTML5 and native apps, attendees were provided with plenty of useful tips on how to get their brand in-front of the 171 million smartphone users. It explored ways retailers can ensure their shopping experience is one that consumers will enjoy and most importantly, return to.

After a very insightful morning, it was time for the highly anticipated Supplier of the Year Awards – YUDU were officially crowned the Best Web & Digital Development Services Provider! We were honored to have been nominated for this award and are absolutely overjoyed to have won. A massive thank you to those that took the time to put our name forward, it means a great deal to everyone here at YUDU.

Following this, just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we received a very exciting email congratulating us on another big achievement. Unfortunately, we have been sworn to secrecy until the 1st December, so we aren’t able to go in to detail right now, but we are just too happy to not mention this great finale to a fantastic day.

More to follow after December 1st, so watch this space…

If you’d like to find out more about how YUDU can help with your digital catalogues, get in touch with us here.

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