YUDU join the ‘wall of experts’

On 19th November Les Csonge, Co-founder of YUDU, will be joining a wall of experts at the Footage Marketplace, a unique networking event in NYC.


Millennials (Generation Y) are consuming media faster than ever before. 90% of them are checking social media before they have even left their bed in the morning! The second largest search engine is now Youtube, and the Content marketing industry report 2013 suggested that 55% of web traffic will be video by 2016. As a result, the Footage buying industry is thriving.


Video helps to deliver a human touch in a way that still text and images just can’t. Videos allow marketers to be more creative than an image and perhaps even inject humor into the equation.


As the creative industries move from producing images to video there is a lot to take on and consider. This is where Footage Marketplace and the wall of experts step in. From licensing to formatting, search and delivery options – it’s not an easy transition for any business to navigate. This event offers the answers to many of the lingering questions.


The wall of experts is for those interested in exchanging ideas, building business relationships and networking in person – it’s basically Linkedin ‘live’. Les will be showcasing a number of YUDU projects which have cleverly integrated video footage into their messaging. From video as an opening presentation, to education and training to delivering a more powerful marketing message – the format is on the rise; and digital publishing is transforming as a result.


To find out more about this fascinating event, and hear Les on the wall of experts, please click here. There’s a short video here outlining some of the ideas of the event. Finally, to arrange a meeting directly, please click here.

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