Can mobile apps help with the on-boarding process?

Starting a new job can be understandably intimidating. There’s so much to comprehend within a short space of time: who does what, how the systems and enterprise software work, understanding the business, alongside the small matter of integrating into the company’s culture.

Within a couple of days, the new employee often suffers the all too familiar overflowing inbox insurmountable “to read” document pile. In developing ideas around a new on-boarding app we’ve been observing our newer colleagues and thinking about their needs and how a simple app could make those first few months less daunting.

New starters have tons of welcome materials to collect. From company leaflets and brochures to other literature – they pile up so quickly. Then there are the forms: – bank details are needed, pension programes, next of kin and so on.

What if all of these documents could easily be accessed via a mobile device? What if these documents could sit, in a digital and interactive form alongside explanatory videos so that companies can convey their messages in the most convenient format possible. Isn’t that the epitome of any BYOD strategy, to manage all of this regardless of the device the new hire is using?

The key benefits would include:

1) Reduce time to employee productivity

As soon as employees have navigated the on-boarding process, filled in the relevant forms and established a clearer idea of their role, they can start to contribute to net productivity. By making it easy for employers to communicate, via an app on any device, the chance of this happening quickly and successfully is higher – and the time to enabling productivity is shorter.

2) Keep track on the variety of paperwork

It can be difficult for HR departments as well. Keeping track of the voluminous amount of forms filled in by new starters can be daunting. By using digital forms, accessible on any device they can keep track of useful data, and keep track on who has filled in what.

3) Improve reach of communication and culture

How can organisations deliver relevant on-boarding materials training, tailored to each individual, when the team might be located in a number of cities? Shared documents, audio and video with new employees around the world. A cloud-based app makes it easier documents, audio and video for BYOD strategies to maximise on global reach.

BYOD is something we write about a lot.

Over the next 5 years, total shipment of tablet computers to enterprises around the world are expected to increase at a rate of 48%, rising from 16.6 million units in 2011, to 96.3 million in 2016

Many employees have improved their working-life balance through BYOD, as corporate apps can directly to employee devices from the comfort of one’s home. Regardless of whether you’re employing a BYOD or top-down managed device scheme for your employees though, an on-boarding app can help improve HR and general on-boarding workflows dramatically.

We believe that new starters can benefit from getting access to new resources for their new jobs early on. This subsequently helps corporations retain staff, as the on-boarding process can be faster and more effective.

Rapidly integrate new employees with an on-boarding app from YUDU. Find out more here.



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