YUDU launches two new education apps

Wondering how to create digital textbooks, which can be accessed on every device, using a simple workflow? YUDU are working on two new projects with education publishers to do just that. Read on to find out more:


Smart Learning Textbook App

First we have Smart Learning. Smart has been a UK-based publisher since 2000. They now offer texbooks and software to compliment learning at Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3 – across English, ICT, Phonics, PSHE and Science.

The team decided use the YUDU solution after talking to teachers and advisers, visiting schools and holding focus groups.

The app can be downloaded for iOS or Android and offers seach, zoom, highlight, printing and personal notes (which sync across devices).


Hachette Antoine Textbook App

Another education app, published this month, is from Hachette Antoine. Hachette Antoine is a joint venture between international publishing leader Hachette Livre of France and reputed Librairie Antoine of Lebanon. The group publish textbooks in Arabic, French and English, as well as extra-curricular reading books for children.

The team decided to work with YUDU as they needed a secure solution for delivering textbooks onto a number of devices.

The app can be downloaded for iOS or Android, though a subscription is needed to log-in.

Branded textbook apps from YUDU are ideal digital storage for both front list and back list titles. To speak to us about pricing and how it all works, click here.

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