Two new eBook app launches: Bloomsbury Bird Guides and Mentor eBooks

Two new eBook app launches: Bloomsbury Bird Guides and Mentor eBooks

Using YUDU apps and publishing technology, major book publisher Bloomsbury and textbook publisher Mentor have launched two apps to reach out to their readership on iOS and Android devices.


Bloomsbury worked with YUDU to deliver a Bird Guides to Android devices via a Bookstore App. Their main title is the RSPB’s 125th edition Handbook. This is primarily for use by Bird Watching enthusiasts “in the field”, detailing information about various species and sub-species of bird, behaviour and high resolution imagery. As a result, it was vital the books were able to be downloadable and accessible offline, so an app framework made more sense than a browser-based framework for this reason.

Bloomsbury’s Bird Guides is replete with examples of intuitively placed rich-media content. For example, given how vital bird sounds are to bird watchers when identifying a type of bird, layered mp3 sounds of each bird triggered by a button allow readers to listen to the type of sound each bird makes.

Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-24-02 Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-23-55 Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-21-52 Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-21-44 Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-21-00

The Bloomsbury Bird Guides app can be downloaded here:


Mentor are an Irish educational publisher delivering textbooks to the Irish primary and secondary market. They have a Textbook App that contains over 50 textbooks, dealing with everything from Irish Language and Science to Economics.

For Mentor, an important feature is the ability to provide students and teachers with cloud-synchronized interactive elements. For example, highlighting elements on the page, leaving notes at relevant points and so on so that, when accessed from another device.

Mentor make good use of video content, using it to illustrate scientific concepts in more detail for example. Being able to easily upload and overlay existing video content into their editions (it was previously on CD and DVD ROMs only) was a big reason for their decision to go with YUDU.

Screenshot_2014-09-26-10-53-14 Screenshot_2014-09-26-10-55-27 Screenshot_2014-09-26-10-55-56 Screenshot_2014-09-26-10-56-39 Screenshot_2014-09-26-11-01-29

The Mentor eBooks app can be downloaded here for Android:

And here for iOS:

If you’re a book publisher and you’d like to learn more about eBook apps, click here.

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