Introducing YUDU Training, our new Video Library App

Schools, educational publishers and eLearning companies are enthusiastically and wholeheartedly adopting video and evolving current workflows to include more video content. Not only that, they are looking for new ways, such as fresh-faced apps, to present their video collections, to replace old-fashioned CD-Roms and better compliment their current training methods, to further enhance their learner’s experience.

Recently, Cambridge Exams and Execsense from the Financial Times have done just that, and after launching their new video library apps, we decided we wanted to build one of our own…

Introducing YUDU Training, our Video Library App, which will include videos for training in YUDU Publisher and features our new Welcome to YUDU video.

photo 1          photo 2

The app is packed full of helpful tips and training videos, from editing your content and enhancing your editions with multimedia  to accessing handy statistics about your app.

photo 5           photo 1-1

The intuitive design makes it easy to find the help you need. Simply select a category, either from the homepage or drop down in the help guides library, choose the option that suits your need and go ahead and watch the training video, either directly on the page, or you can expand to full screen.

  photo 1-2    photo 3

You needn’t worry about precious space on your device being taken up with multiple downloaded videos either. You have the choice to stream the video online, for instant viewing or download to watch later, a feature that is perfect for offline viewing.

photo 2-1

So, if you have a collection of videos and are looking for a way to promote them in a way that … is secure, available online and offline, suitable for tracking via Tin Can APIs, categorises, sends push notifications and more … then get in touch with us today!

You can download the YUDU Training, Video Library App here.

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