Apps in Sport – Building digital legacies

2014 has been a memorable year for advanced technology in sport. Despite the World Cup being somewhat disappointing for England fans (albeit not surprisingly so), there was a real buzz surrounding the new goal line technology and vanishing spray. England may not have made it out of the group, but boy were we excited about the referee gratifying the pitch.

With the end of the Brazil World Cup, came the beginning of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. It was undoubtedly a successful event that, along with the London 2012 Olympics, continued to bring nations together through sport. Both London and Glasgow were aware of the honor bestowed upon them and sought to make their mark, thus leaving behind an unforgettable legacy.

Legacy is very important in sport.

With each generation, sport evolves, yet memories of the previous years must remain. The basic concept will indeed stay the same, but the rules are subject to change and the methods in which we enforce them can adapt to include more reliable technologies – the willingness of sporting associations to embrace this is key. The introduction of the internet and now smart devices has also improved the way in which teams and major associations communicate with the fans, bringing real-time, daily updates on all developments.

The truth is, fans like change.

They are adaptable, passionate and enjoy every aspect of their favourite sports, especially new methods of engaging with their team. Here at YUDU, we are equally as enthusiastic about the sporting industry and our ability to enhance the relationship between all types of sport and their fans. At last count there were over 8,000 different sports and, although we can’t list them all in our repertoire, we are blessed to work with many varied publishers and associations in the sporting world, including Football, Formula 1, Kayaking, Athletics, Fishing and Cycling, helping them to build their individual digital legacies, by means of a sporting app.

One such client is Sine Qua Non International, publishers of iGNITION, the official publication of the WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING Formula One team. It is the only team magazine available as an app and breaks new ground in the sport’s digital sphere. It leverages digital content in a unique, innovative and stylish way befitting one of F1’s most enduring and popular family run teams. Integrated within the team’s complete communications strategy, with social media at its core, it allows fans to interact with and play a part in the publication’s content.

The Football Association have also started to create a digital legacy, by means of enhanced teaching methods made available by YUDU technology. Keen to share their success and help others learn from their experience, earlier this year we hosted ‘The Influence of Technology in Sport’, as part of London Technology Week, with the support of The FA, who came along to present a number of ways technology is being used to enhance and support coaches and players on the field. The event was a huge success and reinforced the belief that sporting associations in particular, are keen to learn and embrace the advancements, in the partnership of technology and sport.

If you’d like to know more about how YUDU can help you to build a digital legacy, by means of a sporting app, please get in touch with us here, or call 0207 430 6616.



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