It’s YUDU Competition Time!

We love competitions here at YUDU, which is why we are running a fantastic one this week for our new product BookSnacking, the best way to promote and get your book discovered online.

All you have to do is tweet ‘I want a BookSnack from @YUDU

Everyday this week, we will be picking a winner at random to win a BookSnack (a link to allow you to promote a book of your choice in the browser).

New to BookSnacking? Last month, Atlantic Books, a publisher of fiction, history, memoir and current affairs, set up a trial to get their readers BookSnacking.

The BookSnacking trial will enable their marketing and publicity team to share a live link to a book sample across a number of campaigns. Once a reader clicks on the link, not only are they able to share it and email it, but also purchase from their retailer of choice, directly from within the book.

We talk about BookSnacking a lot here at YUDU HQ. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

Good luck!

Categories: Competitions, eBooks

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