The Bookseller #mandp14 interviews: Charlie Parker of Penguin Random House

In the run up to The Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference, we’ll be running a series of interviews with some prominent and interesting figures in the book publishing industry. Asking them about their experiences and expert opinions on book marketing and what we can learn from campaigns they’ve seen so far.

Next up is Charlie Parker, the Brands Digital Marketing Manager at Penguin Random House. Charlie works across the business to develop innovative and engaging consumer digital marketing campaigns on social and other owned and partner digital channels, leveraging the Penguin brand and developing content marketing strategies. You can find her on Twitter @AltCharlieP.

1. How does marketing a series of books differ from marketing a one-off title?

My role involves thinking about the brand and books in a broader sense – so my campaigns are focused around a creative idea, which surfaces a number of books (front and backlist) for the consumer. In my experience, marketing a single book through our social channels is rarely as effective as a bespoke campaign that builds on engagement with the audience.

2. What do you need to consider when marketing a big release?

In terms of our big social channels, even a big release isn’t guaranteed to be picked up. Again, we’re always looking for those creative, all-encompassing campaigns.

3. How big a part does social media play in your marketing strategy?

Huge. We are constantly building on these channels, using content marketing to understand the audience better. This goes for our owned brand channels as well as thinking how we can work with authors to build their social presence.

4. Finally, what is the best book marketing strategy you’ve seen? What can be learnt from it?

It is a Penguin one, but the 2013 10 Billion campaign. The team used a striking poster campaign and leveraged the Buzzfeed community. For such a potentially difficult subject matter, this campaign really thought about what would get people talking.

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