Securing print business in a time of transition

Did you know that the print industry is roughly 565 years old, dating back to around 1450? It’s been through two World Wars, the Great Depression and is now facing the most pivotal battle of all – the fight against digital. One thing is for sure, the print industry is strong, resilient and crazy determined, so we’d be stupid to think that digital can eradicate print.

And why would we want it to? We have a lot to learn from print. Digital is just a child in comparison. We should be treating it like our grandfather, asking to hear stories of the past. What they have learnt and how have they survived to this day? We want print to continue and more importantly prosper, which is why YUDU Media have published a whitepaper exploring the printing industry in 2014, examining ways that printers can develop their business strategies in changing times.

‘The whitepaper is a must read for printers looking to increase margins while offering interactive, accountable cross-media. YUDU is the perfect complement to our medium and we better provide it before anyone else does.’ Vince Mallardi Chairman, Printing Brokerage/Buyers Association International

The paper explores how the print industry can ride the changes in digital technology and delivery. It is honest in addressing both sides of the coin; in thinking about both the challenges and opportunities ahead. The whitepaper is a useful guide for anyone looking at how to expand and take advantage of the changing landscape.

Having worked with print partners for over 7 years, YUDU’s whitepaper is a combination of first-hand research and empirical statistics around the print market. YUDU believes that printers should be thinking first-and-foremost about how to solve their clients’ problems. Printers that can provide a seamless workflow between print and digital solutions will maintain customers above those who aren’t as committed to embracing technology.

The paper also researches new markets for print. Students and teachers report retention rates are higher when reading print textbooks. This is fact, backed up by YUDU, who even as a digital services provider can agree with this. YUDU has noticed that certain markets aren’t shifting to digital as quickly as predicted, and this gives the print industry a possible new area of focus.

You can download the whitepaper from

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