Atlantic Books takes a BookSnack bite for marketing books

BookSnacking is designed to engage readers quickly. The reading experience emulates that of a bookshop, as readers can read pages or even a chapter before deciding to buy. Atlantic Books have a varied list of fiction, history, memoir and current affairs – and with a world-wide reputation for originality, were keen to get their readers snacking.

The BookSnacking trial will enable the marketing and publicity team to share a live link to a book sample across a number of campaigns. Once a reader clicks on the link, not only are they able to share it and email it but also purchase from their retailer of choice, directly from within the book. It’s simple. It’s easy. And best of all it’s trackable. At the end of the trial run we will all be feasting over the analytics, working out what step to take next.

Atlantic have picked a range of titles for their BookSnacking trial, ranging from fiction to non-fiction; front list to back list. You can take a bike of the BookSnack below by clicking on each of the covers.

HeadMasterConsoleBarracudaWildSwimming PoolHitch

For more information on BookSnacking, please click here.

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