How apps can make corporate communications easier

Communication, whether internally or externally, is the backbone of any successful business.

Without being able to communicate goals and expectations, a business can’t grow. Although corporate communication is generally associated more with large corporations, with their dizzying number of departments and sub-departments, this statement is equally applicable to smaller enterprises, where employees might need to take on multiple roles.

As both “bring your own device” (BYOD) schemes and remote working become more commonplace, the range of devices within a company’s IT framework is only going to become more diverse.

As a result, we have been thinking about how best to communicate internally in a way that protects the exchange of information. One obvious option is to build a platform-agnostic application, which can be both downloaded onto any device and accessed by team members anywhere.

This sort of cross-platform solution is made more enticing if it can be delivered alongside the ability to access and interact with documents both online and offline. Mobile app environments are generally quite effective at facilitating offline accessibility in a way that browser-based solutions cannot.

This provides a unique opportunity to negate distance as a barrier in providing clear, regular, up-to-date communication.

Companies can connect with employees in a multitude of ways, from distributing the company newsletter to providing mobile sales teams with up-to-date reference material while on the road. In addition to this, we’ve discovered a number of other benefits of using a corporate training app, which are outlined below.

Gather statistics

Entire libraries could be filled with the articles and blogs that have been written about “big data” up to this point. Most of this, naturally, concentrates on the more hot-button issues of B2C customer segmentation and government planning.

However, the ways in which big data can facilitate internal communications are less talked about. One clear way in which this can occur is by using analytics to know which documents are downloaded, and how engaged staff are with the contents. This allows corporate communications teams to get valuable insights into what and how to communicate.


There are a number of apps that your colleagues could potentially download to make their lives easier or their work more productive. Whilst it is interesting to explore the different innovations and designs as they are released, the lack of uniformity this creates is not productive in terms of keeping staff connected and talking on the same page. By adopting a unique corporate communications app corporations can help homogenize IT services even whilst device heterogeneity is increasing and can rest assured that data is being stored and used in a beneficial way.

Deliver range of documents

Mobile and tablet devices are so useful since they can support a wide range of media and naturally employees will have preferred methods of digesting company information. Whilst some will be happy to read reports on company wide initiatives, others will respond better to watching video files and in larger companies even podcasts and audio files can be deployed.

The advantage of an app again, is that these files can be accessed both offline and online making it easy for those who are commuting to catch up on the latest communications

You can distribute internal and external publications securely, by having your own branded closed-access app, hosted by YUDU. Contact the YUDU team for more information.

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