Back to the Browser

Digital publishing solutions have evolved very quickly. When we reflect on the release of our first digital edition back in 2002, we remember it as a monumental moment that began a flurry of new ideas and opportunities. Shortly after, in 2007, the iPhone was launched, followed by numerous other mobile devices, with the big game changer being the iPad in 2010.

As exciting as all this was and still is, publishers now have so much more to think about. Digital publishing strategies need to cater for customers on the Apple Newsstand, Google Play and the Kindle Fire. The adoption of the digital edition has been lost in this predominately focused app world – but we’re bringing it back, and it’s better than ever.

With apps such as Zite and Flipboard, readers have also become used to going to one place and browsing through content instantly. We live in a busy world and those that are on the go need a fast and easy solution, with a high-quality reading experience. This is where our browser-delivery technology, PageTiler, fits the bill.

The same applies with social media.

Social Media has become a huge part of daily life, for both personal and business purposes. Online communities are essential and act as a fast and effective method for Marketers to push new releases and corporate messages. Instant access magazines, using PageTiler, are perfect for this. Instead of directing your followers to ‘download this app’ and risk losing the interest of some, one simple link can have your content read quickly, and for publishers, speed in a digital world is vital.

Of course, apps are still key.

One of our clients, Scotts & Co. had one key aim: to maximise brand-awareness in the app stores. With this in mind, they launched individual apps. Now they have 7 individually branded apps for 7 of their brands, enhancing the discoverability of their entire portfolio in the process.

Another example is Video Watchdog, who required a solution that included a repository for their large archives. The back issues were of considerable importance, as this gave their existing subscribers access to over 3 decades worth of archived editions. A branded app was the perfect fit.


Both browser-delivery and apps should appear in any publishing plan. Take advantage of all the options that are available to you. They key is to cater for passionate consumers who want an app and the occasional reader who needs instant access without having to install anything on their device. Full statistics and data collection opportunities are available with browser editions and apps, so monitor their success and use this background data to augment your future publishing strategy.

Our CEO, Richard Stephenson, will be talking about ‘Back to the Browser’ for digital magazines at PPA RE_INVENTED today, just before 1:30pm – hope to see many of you there!


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