Pascal Press Launch Digital Study Guides

Pascal GirlEducation and the influence of digital study guides in schools is very close to our hearts here at YUDU, which is why we were delighted when Pascal Press chose us as their digital provider.

Pascal Press is Australia’s leading independent education publishing company and have published quality educational resources for teachers, students and parents for over 25 years. Recently, Pascal Press have seen the demand for e-Study Guides increase and as a result, their list has expanded to include over 70 popular Excel HSC and preliminary eBooks.

One of the reasons that digital textbooks have been adopted by numerous publishers, aside from the rapid adoption rate of tablets in schools, is the ability to actually enhance the learning experience. Pascal have embraced this by featuring new tools such as note taking, highlighting and bookmarking in many of their eBooks. It’s not limited to a single platform either – E-StudyGuides for iPad, Android, PC/Windows and Mac are all available.

Click here to see how Pascal Press are promoting their digital study guides online.

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  1. Good that kids won’t have to carry around book-laden backpacks or slay so many trees, as long as their digital learning doesn’t feel too ephemeral. Let’s make digital learning engaging and interactive.

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