YUDU and Unicorn’s new training app solution

Some background about corporate training providers

For over 25 years, Unicorn Training have created cost effective, practical online learning solutions for a who’s who of the financial and insurance worlds.

Working alongside corporate training and HR teams, Unicorn provide off the shelf content as well as tailoring existing materials to create bespoke training packages that can be used anytime, anywhere.

This is where our recent partnership with Unicorn comes into play. Since we’ve now integrated our app framework with the Tin Can API, this greatly expands what both Unicorn and Unicorn’s clients can do with YUDU’s corporate training apps.

LMS: Learning Management Solutions & The Tin Can API

For the uninitiated, Tin Can is a brand new API specification for e-learning that, to put it simply, allows a far broader range of data to be recorded than was previously possible. This data can then be migrated to a Learning Record Store (LRS), which in turn, can plug into a range of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The advantage of Tin Can over previous APIs is simply in the sheer breadth of what it can capture of the uniformity of LMS support it has. In the context of corporate training and e-learning this means it can dovetail very neatly into existing solutions, as can any Tin Can supported applications, supplying managers with data about all kinds of levels of interaction, fromlengths of time spent watching certain training videos to simple true/false answers on a quiz.

What our corporate training apps can now do

YUDU and Unicorn apps can now integrate with virtually all existing LMS. This allows for data to be transferred between an app and a server to gather data on everything from how a particular probationary employee is dealing with new material to how a particular cohort is engaging with a specially made course. It also means that clients have leverage existing training and professional development print content as opposed to having toinvest in developing new solutions.

This is of great importance in cost-conscious departments and companies which may not want to invest in completely bespoke e-learningsolutions for every area of corporate training they concentrate on. So Unicorn and YUDU can now provide corporations and training-providers with a way of bringing that existing material into a digital format, creating a more cost-effective e-learning solution.

Secondly, Unicorn and YUDU can now provide rich-media enabled content to be delivered within the training app. This includes content like embedded video and audio, alongside interactive HTML5 content. Referring back to the above point, many companies have pre-existing training video already in place, so this is another area that existing content can be leveraged. Video is also content that can stand on its own merit. Linda.com for example have been instrumental in establishing short, helpful video content in the e-learning space that is supported by text-based content alongside it and as already mentioned, Tin Can supports data capture from all kinds of interactivity with video contents, allowing content creators to create better content in future with more thorough analytics.

Finally, there’s the cross-platform capability of the apps. Sitting across desktop and mobile (tablet and smartphone) devices means they fulfil a key requirement of many training managers these days, who require no compatibility or inter-operability issues from solutions they employ. We’re keenly aware that most people in offices are still stuck at their desks, sowe’ve put a great deal of effort into making sure the experience of using the training app on the desktop is just as

We’ve recently built a marketing app for Unicorn, helping them to display their client-facing materials for tablet. This is the prelude to much bigger and more exciting things in the corporate training app space, so it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground for future developments!

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