How to be Creative with Digital Publishing Software

Expectations in terms of digital design are increasing. Customers want pages to sing, clothes to twirl and dance and if the adverts are relevant, they need to jump out at them. Consumers want to be dazzled by what they see online and this is pushing the boundaries of digital publishing development. People just aren’t impressed with the ability to read their favourite magazine on the go, or that they can shop from almost anywhere without the need to carry bulky catalogues anymore…

App developers need to apply more creativity in their designs, which is why YUDU recently introduced a Creative Services Team, who predominantly focus on the design aspect of a project, developing creative apps to meet consumer’s new expectations of a high quality browsing experience and top-notch design.

The Future Game

The Football Association

Who better to work with than The Football Association? They wanted two of their publications ‘The Future Game’ technical guide and ‘The Boot Room’ magazine to make the transition into digital format. Although coaching itself will “always be about boots on grass”, there are elements that can’t be conveyed in static diagrams, such as body language and player movement. However this problem has now been tackled by making use of high-definition video and some early-stage HTML5 interactive content. And this is just the beginning of their digital journey…

Update your app…

It’s not just about starting from scratch though, there are many ways you can update your existing app to boost the consumers experience and enjoyment. There is nothing stopping you re-branding the welcome and ‘my editions’ pages. Spice things up and give the design a new lease of life – add a short 10-20 second video to the loading screen to immediately engage your reader and show what they can expect from your app.

Enhance your editions…

Continue the momentum with your editions too. Introducing audio and special effects for example. You can add buttons and other triggers so that it plays at appropriate times within your content – this will really make you stand out. Team this with video, stunning visuals and 360 degree views for an even bigger impact – especially good for adverts and product demos.

 The moral of the story?

Think big and loud, imagine what you’d want from an app you choose to download and then share and implement your ideas, because one way or another, it’s all possible.

If you would like some advice on app design, please contact


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