£300/$500 Amazon voucher still to be won

This week we launched our new Website with a riddle.

“What connects monkfish with YUDU?”

Answer: 1 Million. A monkfish lays a million eggs in a veil and YUDU serves a million page views every day

Our favourite responses were:

“They say monkfish tastes like lobster, but is much cheaper. Comparatively, with Yudu you get a high level solution at lower price range than other top solutions” Rui Pereira, Porto Editora

Monkfish is mostly head and the head is mostly mouth when you see the head you see mostly everything. Likewise, YUDU website homepage is the landing page, when you see it you see everything.” Lenard Pierre, Blink Mobile Foundation

“Both are in England and the USA” Lesley Rusick, Concordia Publishing house

(you will all receive a small prize in the post)

But no one spotted the connection.

So here is a second chance to win £300 / $500 of Amazon vouchers.

“They are based in 25 countries. Who are they?”

Email us your answers. (Clue: the answer is on the new Website)

One winner will be picked at random at 10am EST/3pm GMT on Tuesday 1st April.

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