Publishers, Retailers and Marketers at LBF

It’s that time of year when we sense an anticipatory buzz as book publishers finalise meetings, design their stands and make final preparations for The London Book Fair.

This year we are focussing on three areas of the trade, which can benefit from using YUDU Publisher. Read on to find out more about our advanced tools for Publishers, Retailers and Marketers.

E-book retailing solution

If you are a retailer, looking for a solution which will enable you to distribute 100s of E-books, then we can help you to do this with our slick, scalable solution.

  • Benefit from cloud-based DRM
  • Set pricing based on rental models; allow readers to access content for set periods of time
  • Distribute E-books to an app, downloadable on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Rapid conversion and seamless distribution

Textbooks and learning

Should students be carrying three or four textbooks to school each day? We don’t think so. As students of all ages are spending their time on tablets, we have been working on a number of solutions for education publishers to make sure users can get the content onto devices easily.

  • Accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile
  • One subscriber log in for your LMS and textbooks
  • Cross-device syncing, highlighting, note-taking and clippings for storing ideas
  • HTML5 widgets for interaction and quizzes
  • Bundling of titles, or single purchase options
  • All learning resources in one app, including multi-media content
  • Read-aloud and voice-recording tools

Tools for marketers

If you work in marketing, you need digital tools to help you showcase your books online. We can help you with solutions for your sales team as well as teasers for prospective customers.

  • Offer teasers of book extracts for online discovery
  • Showcase content of promoted books via Social Media campaigns
  • Catalog solutions for showcasing your entire list
  • White-labeled app; enable internal teams to showcase your content (ie sales teams on the road)
  • Support with copy-writing and social media campaigns



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