New magazine industry whitepaper coming soon

As part of our policy to publish as much internal research material as we can and make it freely available to clients or interested parties, we’ll be rolling out our Q1 magazine industry whitepaper very soon. Featuring up-to-date IDC and Gartner datasets as well as interviews with our own partners, it’s a summary of what we see as the state of the industry as it exists right now and what the figures say digital investment can do for it over the coming years. Some of the take-home messages we gleaned were:

1. A wide variety of different monetization models being employed. Clearer pictures about which are the most effective are emerging, ut there’s still a lot of questions about which will work best for what types of content, given the heterogeneity of the content that exists out there at the moment.

2. A clear indication that, in spite of tepid growth, digital magazines are the future provided a solid foundation can be established based on the above.

3. Increasing interest in investing in employing development skills to build HTML/JS content to enhance what were previously static editions.

It’s well worth a read by anyone in the magazine publishing space. So keep your eyes peeled and if you’d like it to land straight in your inbox when it’s released, email us here.

Categories: Experts, Industry Research

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