How the move to Zendesk is making YUDU clients smile

Assisting clients in the best way possible, is what we pride ourselves on at YUDU. Support can range from creating an app for a client, to API integration support. We work with independent authors and blue chip corporates – it’s a varied role – and to quote, Ray Roocroft, our Technical Customer Support Manager: ‘Communication isn’t just a buzzword here, it’s essentially the most important thing we do’.

After researching a number of new customer support methods, we stumbled upon Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service provider, which also enables clients to build their own online community. The package fitted the bill, and our team got to work on integrating the new workflow, and testing the results.

As always, the service and ease of working with Yudu extremely good; highly recommended! – Paul Mundy, Finance Publications Offshore Limited

We’ve been using Zendesk for a couple of months now, and here are 4 ways our clients have benefited so far:

1.     Communication is quick and mobile

Using Zendesk, we can now take your communication from anywhere – a website, email, phone, twitter, facebook or chat. Once a message is received, it is turned into a ticket, for our team to respond to. Metrics show that an average query is now responded to within a couple of hours; and most tasks are completed within 24 hours.

2.     Feedback options are fast and responsive

After a ticket has been actioned, and the task completed, clients are now sent a straight-forward feedback questionnaire, within 24 hours. This fast feedback option, has meant that we can respond to feedback quickly, and make sure that we respond immediately to any feedback we get.

3.     Access to online help and support

Our help site, hosted on Zendesk, provides articles and videos, to make sure that clients have access to the support they need at their fingertips. As our clients browse through articles of interest, a panel on the right provides a visual record of previously read posts, making it easy to navigate back through them.

4.     Access to a community

This hasn’t been launched … yet. But we are excited to be building our own online community; a place where our clients can request new features and partake in online debates. We want to develop our services, alongside our key clients, and think that by pulling all our bright ideas together, we can continue to be one of the top digital publishing solutions on the market.

Everyone in digital publishing has big plans for 2014; the rise of mobile and growth of online communities is something we are keen to embrace, support and evolve with.  The first of our new year’s resolutions – to measurably improve our customer support – is firmly under our belt, and we’d like to thank everyone who is working with us to make this happen.

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