Magazines of Wales app launches for iPad

As part of our recent drive to help support foreign language publishers, The Welsh Books Council has, in partnership with YUDU, launched its Welsh Magazines app. Though not strictly limited to Welsh language publications the apps (there are two, for both Welsh and English language speakers) are intended to act as a repository for magazine publishers based in Wales, many of whom work in line with the Welsh Assembly’s initiatives to promote interest in the Welsh language.

Currently the app supports Cip, a children’s magazine published in Welsh (and part of the famous Urdd movement for children) and Planet: The Welsh Internationalist, an English language environmental publication. The Welsh Books Council plans to release further magazines digitally over the coming months, including New Welsh Review, Poetry Wales, Taliesin and Y Wawr.

You may remember this isn’t the first time we’ve done work for the Welsh Books Council, we’ve also helped bring the Welsh Books App into existence, which, similar to the purpose of the Magazines of Wales App acts as a platform for Welsh language books.

This approach is part of what’s unique about our work with The Welsh Books Council: Their applications act a open platforms to gradually roll out content to, gauge the success of said content with our analytics package and adjust their rollout plans as needed. It’s scalable to changing requirements and in being so, allows them to better meet their stated aim of increasing consumption of Welsh language publications.

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