An insight into YUDU's production team with our head of technical support

Ray Roocroft is YUDU’s head of technical support, managing technical queries, problems and bureau-service related issues. He has been employed at YUDU since 2007 and has vast and diverse range of experience in the field of digital publishing production. Below he gives an insight into how himself and the team he manages hone existing and develop new strategies to develop relationships and help our clients.

What does an average day in YUDU’s production department look like?

There’s never really an ‘average’ day here. We provide all kinds of assistance ranging from bureau work to API integration support with a wide variety of clients ranging from single authors to blue chip corporates.

Our bureau support services are a great example of this. I’ve personally worked across the board, helping tiny local publications to start-up as well as working to meet large consumer magazine deadlines.

What tools do you employ to achieve you and your team’s goals ?

‘Tools’ may be a good term, but I personally prefer ‘methods’ which are gained through experience and knowledge of our technology and clients. As a team not only do we strive to turn around our tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also providing a relatable and positive experience throughout.

Publishing is a deadline-heavy industry, which can be extremely stressful. As a team we understand that, so we accommodate our client’s requirements and build the way we approach each client individually around these. For example, certain clients prefer certain methods of communication or certain ways of approaching problems, others may want to employ our on-site training services. This is all part of how we keep our client-retention rate so high.

How has recent upgrades to our ticketing system helped you and your team?

Communication isn’t just a buzzword here, it’s essentially the most important thing we do. If myself and my team can’t communicate with clients effectively then we lose sight of their needs, they lose sight of what we’re doing and there’s no way of actually building a working relationship together, which is ultimately what helps both of us in the long-run.

Now we have a more comprehensive ticketing system integrated with our ever-growing knowledge base, it makes things more transparent on all sides and both myself and my colleagues have found it really reassures our clients in knowing their needs are requirements are genuinely being looked after, rather than sitting in an overflowing inbox.

How do you to assure customers that their needs are being met?

We’re committed to significant investment and development of technical and production support here at YUDU. For over 7 year we’ve always provided a direct, knowledgeable, relatable technician who understands that not everybody knows the intricacies of computing or publishing online. Following on from this, we think it’s really important for our technical and production staff to understand the industry as a whole, I mentioned earlier how we implicitly know publishing is especially heavy on deadlines, so we always factor this into how we deal with estimating production time on editions we are helping a publisher to produce.

With the opening of our New York and Boston offices, each technician is available through business hours via telephone, email and live chat, as well as our ticketing system. No client ever falls out of this production loop. Ultimately it’s all about communication, the quality of it, its comprehensibility to the client and the speed with which we can deliver it to them.

Are there any achievements in supporting customers that you are personally proud of?

There are innumerable examples but the best experiences are usually those that involve face-to-face training and contact with a client as it allows you to see the fruits of labor in person and you walk away from it feeling that you’ve really helped strengthen a partnership that benefits the bottom line of both businesses and that human-to-human contact is often lost in the technology space.

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