Nuddy Ned release highlights growth of IBA solutions

Working in partnership with Bloomsbury, we’ve recently brought Kes Gray’s hit children’s novel Nuddy Ned to the iPad. Gray is no stranger to children’s publishing and was noted by The Independent as one of the top ten children’s authors in the UK in 2003. He is the author of the award-winning Eat Your Peas and four more titles in the acclaimed Daisy series, as well as Our Twitchy and Who’s Poorly Too? Nuddy Ned features illustrations by award-winning children’s illustrator Mary McQuillan.

As a project, Ned represented another example to show the maturity of iBooks Author as a bespoke interactive book-building platform. In order to capture the “rioutous romp” feel of the print-edition, both ourselves and Bloomsbury felt it was necessary to employ the interactive widgets we had created for the project sparingly, as a way of enhancing the whimsical, amusing feel of the original book. It was this selective approach to enhancement that we felt brought out some of the best of what iBooks Author can offer to traditional publishers as a digital platform.

To this end, all of Nuddy Ned’s interactivity serves to draw upon the text and illustrations themselves. The page flaps that ostensibly protect Ned’s modesty throughout the book have been replaced with a swipe feature and the aforementioned illustrations by Mary McQuillan have been lovingly animated by our own creative services team to bring each scene to life. Running alongside all of this is a read-aloud narration feature, featuring none other than other than that master of comic timing and wit, Lenny Henry.

Nuddy Ned can be purchased from iTunes now for £6.99.

If you’d like to enquire about our creative services solutions for books, just send us an email at

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