A quick note on improvements to our service levels

As we’re often keen to stress, an aspect of what we offer that we’re particularly proud of is our service levels. Compared to other vendors who often orientate themselves more around a self-service business model we’ve always approach service to our clients as an area that requires lots of communication alongside a human face and to this end we’re always trying to offer as many support avenues as possible supported by real people on the other side. Here are some examples of recent changes we’ve made.

Firstly, in regards to the actual app build process our new ticketing system sends you live updates via email so you always know exactly where we are up to. Less stress and the quality of communication is our focus.

Secondly, our video guides offer a useful way of understanding how to use certain features on our new YUDU Publisher system, giving a complete overview of the workflows involved in doing everything from adding enhanced functionality to employing the pagination tools properly.

Finally, our new help site is being constantly updated and offers a huge resource of illustrations alongside text explaining workflow processes for those who prefer this method of learning about the features inherent to our publishing software.

And, as should be expected, this all comes alongside our standard support offerings such as 18 hour a day livechat support and your own personal technician.

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