How can digital publishing help the travel industry?


Yesterday we explored three exciting ways in which technology is shaping the travel sector.This sort of tech-lead approach is known collectively as “e-tourism”, a term that can refer to anything from booking your holiday online on Expedia to using GPS enabled apps to guide you to your nearest dim sum eatery in Hong Kong.

Different sectors, similar strategies

Friendship Travel are having a lot of success in the tour operator space, using a YUDU travel-app to push out their seasonal brochures, alongside pre-departure details, excursions related to a customer’s chosen resort and other useful tidbits. It’s an example of how, when combined with enhancement like video of destination highlights, digital publications can really supersede what’s provided in physical tourist brochures.

In a different kind of travel vein, our apps are helping to support hiking-orientated travel companies like Wayfarers by providing their readership with a way to quickly and easily access walking and hiking materials such as maps and local guides even when there’s no internet connection available. Most recently Wayfarers have been supplementing their standard hiking guide editions alongside themed guides, such as the Jane Eyre Country Pocket Guide, which give a digital overview of the eponymous novel’s best Yorkshire sights and sounds.

Our work with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in creating their app is a good way of underscoring that our applications aren’t just useful in helping B2C companies looking to support their customers or complement their website. They can also be leveraged to support associations in providing their members with reference material that can be accessed on the fly, as in this case. The WTTC are also an interesting example to illustrate as their app acts in a number of unique ways. From RSS feeds and a members section to a category which acts as a repository for research-related literature. The idea behind it, as with many “association” applications is to provide a quick and easy way for members and stakeholders to access relevant data.

Similarly, our web-browser editions help to form a valuable counterpart to many Business-to-Consumer travel magazines’ print editions. The International Luxury Travel Market does just this, offering the digital edition on their website. On the Business-to-Business front, The Travel Trade Gazette, which is aimed towards tour operators in general are doing the same thing with their own magazines, with a complete list of back issues made available to their subscribers.


The approach of all these travel providers is actually fairly simple; generally speaking they want to digitize existing print content in an easy and straightforward way. Some want enhancement options on top of this, to differentiate the digital product from the print one but universally digital publishing forms only one part of an overall strategy, usually supported by a strong website.

Last year we helped a number of exhibitors at World Travel Market with their stands, by allowing them to use YUDU technology free of charge. (both for online travel brochures, and offline demos of brochures in apps) If you would be interested in taking advantage of this offer in 2013, please email

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