Back from Frankfurt Bookfair

After a fantastic week at Frankfurt of catching up with clients and giving two well received talks about e-books and ePub3, our books team is now back in the UK to get on with the important business of meeting the needs of our book publishing customers. Given that Frankfurt is the biggest event of the year for everyone from self-published authors to the yawning heights of giants like Random House, now seems as good a time as any to look back over the previous year’s figures and give our opinion as to the future state of the industry.

The surge of e-book sales over the past 12 months, coupled with a feeling of optimism in the industry meant that our 4th time exhibiting at Frankfurt was a resounding success, and we left with the impression that a number of publishers are now ready for their own e-bookstore apps and have the marketing, knowledge and infrastructure to support this. Certainly, the foundation is now there to begin pushing out e-books across all verticals, whereas before book publishers were characteristically tentative about committing to broad digital strategies wholesale.

To further compound our and others confidence in the market, the latest E-book figures this year provided to us by the Bookseller furnish us with a number of encouraging facts (source: Global eBook: A report on Market Trends and Developments, Update fall 2013) about the global marketplace:

       In the first half of 2013 20% of sales from the UK Market came from digital (up from 15% in 2012)

       84% of German publishers offer e-books or plan to do so

       92% of Russian e-book readers admit to downloading books for free from the internet

       30% of the entire US books market have come from e-books (by unit sales) in 2013

Increased digital trends were accompanied by big-name conglomerates creating new e-book divisions from Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Blackwell’s making their first appearance at the fair in an attempt to tap into these new revenue streams that they perceive older, more traditional book publishers have been slow to engage with.

On another note, we were especially pleased to hear about the new publishing awards, being launched at London Bookfair 2014, which will include the British Council International New Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the LBF, PA and British Council Award for Marketing Focus Innovation.

If you weren’t able to attend our talks, we’ll be sharing our findings shortly via whitepapers and reviews. Email us at for further information or to talk to someone on our books team.

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