Thoughts on Digital Publishing: Made in Me

Following on from our interview with Dan Franklin at Random House, our third blog of our “Pre-Frankfurt” series is an interview with Eric Huang, Development Director at Made in Me, a children-focused digital agency. Made in Me offers digital publishing solutions, product design and development, audience acquisition, and IP management and rights exploitation. The East London-based agency was founded by James Huggins and Mike Outlaw in 2009 in order to explore the potential of interactive children’s media.

Mr. Huang offers insights into the future of reading and which firms are leading digital publishing strategy:

In your opinion, what are the best examples of digital publishing in action?

Even before I worked at Made in Me, I always thought the Me Books platform was a fantastic example of digital publishing. The interactivity is very simple and is a tool that enhances how parents and kids already read together. Plus, it’s a direct-to-consumer channel where we can connect with readers and capture data.

What do you envision for the future of reading?

I feel there will certainly be more formats, more ways to read, and more devices. I don’t think reading in the sense of immersive reading for reading’s sake will be a multimedia experience, and don’t think it should be. A video embedded into a body of text interrupts the reading experience. Non-fiction reading is different.

What do you think is the biggest enhancement/ most transforming thing seen in the digital publishing space this year?

Apple’s App Store Kids category. It will give kids apps a better chance of being seen and bought by fans.

How important is cross-platform publishing for you?

It’s essential, especially in kids publishing. There’s nothing like a TV show to make a successful brand huge.

What publishers, in your opinion, are leading the way with their digital strategy?

I think there are a number of small, start-up-like outfits who might be the powerful publishers of tomorrow, including Nosy Crow, Toca Boca and of course the books team at YUDU to name a few.

Visit our blog for the third interview in the series which offers another take on the digital publishing landscape.

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